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Having an online presence means being open 24/7. Which means you always have to be ready for customer spikes on your digital platforms like: websites, web applications, software, mobile applications etc.  At ADN Diginet | Cloud, we help you achieve that by providing you with a cloud experience that’s easy to understand, buy, use & optimize.  

Trusted by the best

Some of the best in the business have worked with us to build a better digital future. Using our cloud platform we’ve worked with both local and global companies, to grow together.

Your digital platforms can run faster.

Upgrade to Cloud.

ADN Diginet | Cloud helps you get the most out of cloud by making your systems faster, stronger & more secure. Easy monthly billing and a scalable Cloud infrastructure allows you to optimize your cloud resources. Start small and then scale up, upgrade or add more resources as your business grows. Our ADN Diginet | Cloud also comes packaged with a host of developer & business apps to truly maximize your cloud experience.  


Looking for extreme budget alternatives? Or maybe you just want to test out some things. In that case, this package’s the one for you. It has the most basic of features, slower speeds in comparison – but it will get the job done.  


(with cPanel)

Just starting out? Looking for a easy cloud hosting package to get your project online asap? Here we have paired our Cloud Services with the industry standard cPanel to make an easy experience for you.


(Shared Core)

Compute easily on cloud with features like easy upgrading, custom packages & Shell/SSH access these packages are perfect for enterprises looking to move to cloud at a competitive price. 


(Dedicated Core)

Dedicated CPU compute power, Easy monthly billing with scalable add-ons. Best vps hosting if you want to build your platforms small & strong and go big as they go along. 




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ADN Diginet | Cloud– Who We Are

ADN Diginet Cloud is the foundation of the ADN Diginet Ecosystem. Our goal is to simplify the purchase & usage of digital infrastructure for the average user.

ADN Diginet | Cloud was developed with the idea of simplifying the purchase, installation, and usage of web infrastructure in mind. Management of infrastructure for your web assets such as websites, applications, software & ERPs can be quite a hassle and requires an entire army of developers and engineers at your disposal. We are here to cut down those management costs for you while still delivering the best cloud hosting, computing & storage experience.

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Why Go For ADN Diginet | Cloud?

Easily Manageable

From purchasing new services to optimizing and using existing ones, is extremely easy on the ADN Diginet | Cloud. Domain, Cloud Hosting, Cloud Compute instances (CloudVPS) right from our website and get started fast. Login to your Account to talk to our Support Team, Purchase additional services or to calculate your future cloud costs.  

Fast & Strong

Our connectivity with datacenters located across 11 countries allows us the fastest web hosting and a global cloud platform in the easiest way possible. With a 99.9% uptime our seamless service becomes a necessity during mission critical times. The ADN Diginet | Cloud infrastructure gives your platform the speed and strength it will need to meet the e-commerce and online appetite of the modern consumer.

Ensures Top Security

In this day and age of information leaks, Cyber Security is of the utmost concern. We have taken all possible measures to make your hosting, the data inside and your experience as safe as possible. From SSL Certificates, DDoS Protection, Spam Protection, IP Deny, HotLink & Directory Protection and Free Daily Back-ups you have everything to be secured and prepare for times of any emergency.

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