Amazon Web Services (AWS)

We provide you managed AWS Services so that you can spend time to manage your actual business.

As the world moves towards cloud computing and cloud services, amazon AWS services, being the best in the industry, is getting harder to avoid. Since each company is unique with their own specific focus areas, getting an off-the-rack plan and then bending it to fit your requirements is not effective. AWS with all its scalability and flexibility gives you a lot of room to grow, experiment, plan, build and optimize as per your needs. Moving to cloud is probably the best thing you could do for your digital infrastructure. However, hiring a full AWS expert team to take full advantage of the Amazon Web Services platform is neither economically nor operationally ideal. You could use this valuable resource to work on your business. So, to make things easier for you, ADN Servers will provide you a fully managed solution for any AWS services. You will get full access to our expert engineers who will work with you to architect, migrate, secure, operate and optimize your AWS cloud.

Why AWS?




Cost effective

How ADN Server’s Managed AWS Services is going to help you


Cut your costs by switching to cloud Pay as you Go pricing. Design solutions as per your needs so you never need to pay extra and still manage to squeeze the most out of it.


Our experts constantly review your AWS specs to improve performance as per your changing needs by correct utilization of resources.


Migrating to AWS can be an arduous experience for the uninitiated. Thus our experts act as a human barrier to prevent any risk seeping in during this phase.


Get full access to our in-house team of expert engineers to plan, design and build the infrastructure you need and deserve.


Our security and compliance experts monitor environment and incidents to mitigate issues as soon as they arise.


Don’t worry about the resource limitations on your bandwidth, processing power, storage etc. ADN will manage everything for you as you need and whenever you need from AWS.

Architecture Design

Our expert engineers help you with your infra architecture. We will design a powerful, secure, and cost-effective environment for you with enough room for scalability.

Cloud Migration

Migration is the first critical step in your cloud journey. Thus, our solution is designed such that all risks are negated. We select the right AWS-native for data migration, move your applications and data, then perform post-migration validation.

DevOps & Automation Support

We shall manage OS, configure your Infrastructure Automation, Application Deployment and Continuous Integration on AWS as well as 3rd Party Configuration Management.

Environment & Cost Optimization

We conduct periodic environment and systems reviews to optimize your AWS resources and costs. We also identify new AWS features for your changing needs.

Security for AWS Environment

We monitor your incidents and instances to identify, raise alerts and mitigate issues as they arise.

Consolidated Billing in BDT

We simplify the cost you incur streamlining it into consolidated and meaningful bill. You can pay for this multi-service arrangement from one place and in your local currency, i.e: BDT.

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