It is not easy to pick up the best web hosting company from the hundreds of different options on google. On every web hosting related websites you can see the "ads" of different companies and treated as the best web host but no one explains why they are best. We need to know the functionalities of a web host so that we can compare and find the best one. Today we use web hosting to manage the database, automation, blogging platforms, and bunch more. If you are ready to manage your data into your own hands and develop your website you need to find a good web host that can make your life easy and beautiful.

How can we pick the Best Web Hosting 2019?

Now, if we pick the best web hosting 2019 form Google, how and what parameter we need to follow picking them up. No one really tells you how you can find a great web hosting company but they all are labeled as "99.9% uptime", "Best online support", "Good pricing", etc, and through discounts and sign up bonuses. But almost all of them offer the same product with identical pricing. This is the guide for "Best Web Hosting 2019", which will be everything a buyer needs to know about a web hosting company that helps you to decide the best one. Let's start with the different types of web hosting companies first. We can categorize the hosting companies into three basic types "Shared", "VPS(Virtual private server)" and "Dedicated". Farther we will discuss a bit on cloud hosting providers. Shared web hosting: Shared web hosting is exactly the same thing that it sounds like. Your data will be hosted on a large server that will be shared with others. As a result, your monthly bill will be reduced because the spaces also shared along with other site owners. This is one of the popular plans for web hosting companies. This definitely can save your money each month that is why probably it is the most popular. This plan also has some disadvantages because you don't manage other databases so it may lead your storage down. As a result, your site may load slowly or may not even load and your audiences get an error message. Also if someone uses these resources with something shady that means blackhat SEO or spamming on the web and emails it probably affects all other websites on the shared server you are using. Dedicated Server Hosting: As the name suggests dedicated server that host only your website and obviously you need to pay more. You can customize every resource as you want like bandwidth, CPU, storage as your requirements. This is the most recommended hosting plan for your website, especially if you have a large number of traffics coming to your website. It's your own dedicated server like you have your own freedom for customization, growth, security and the most important thing is you are not harmed by someone else's mistake. It's a very good idea to start with shared hosting as a starter. When you gather some experience to maintain the hosting servers you can upgrade your plan shared to dedicated. Virtual Private Server (VPS): Virtual Private Server Hosting is the first step of virtualization, a virtual private PC that runs with a larger interconnected server. This is combining both shared and dedicated server, it is cheaper than a dedicated server so you can configure your resources like storage, ram, bandwidth, and CPU another important thing you get a free dedicated IP in this package. Unmanaged Cloud: This is a very interesting option where you get a dedicated server or you can configure your own dedicated server. The most important part is you can set up your own server for you as your requirements. You can choose the operating system, Cpanel, configuring email, or other features you want to. If you are not much experience using this or not have much programming knowledge there are a lot of tutorials about configure cloud hosting online. Now, you know the different types of web hosting but it's not enough to pick the best one. There are other factors you need to know to compare the best web hosting providers. Let's discuss the factors that help you to find the Best Web Hosting 2019.

The factors we considered to select the best web hosting 2019

  1. Server Uptime
  2. Speed
  3. Flexibility to Upgrade
  4. Security
  5. Tech & Billing Support
Server Uptime: This is the most valuable and important option to be considered. How can you convert your customers if your website is down for maintenance or frequently shown error messages? If your audiences looking for your website and see the error message its not good for your business. This happens when your server goes down. There are several ways to monitor server uptime.
  1. Ping monitor: Ping your website to confirm its running or not.
  2. HTTP monitor: This application enables the developer to view all the HTTP traffic between your PC and the internet. On the other hand, it observes the transfer of data between a networking client and server.
  3. DNS Server Monitor: Domain Name Server helps to monitor consistent connectivity to your website and server.
  4. TCP port monitor: TCP port monitor established the connection using the connect method of the system to monitor in-depth availability and performance.
Speed: Speed is the major factor that should always be considered. Now you understand that too much shared hosted website can slow down your website. The slower site that takes too much load time cause frustrated traffics, and this is very harmful to your business. Google considered loading time of a website one of the most ranking factors. Flexibility to Upgrade: The best web hosting provider allow you to upgrade your plan hassle-free. It is recommended to switch to a dedicated server or a VPS when you are ready to handle it also to cover up the steady traffic flow. Security: System security is one of the major concern for your database. You have to always monitor that your site will not be hacked or leaked your customer's information. Keep in kind that your web hosting provider has this service cause this is the biggest way to lose your website credibility. Tech & Billing Support: It's always important, sometimes there are issues with the technical problem, billing problem. The best web hosting service must have a dedicated team can quickly help you resolve your issues. These are the basic methodology and the factors you need to focus to decide a best web hosting service. I hope you understand the how to pick up the best web hosting and your search for the "best web hosting 2019" ends with this guide.