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5 Tricks on Choosing the Best Hosting in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh has a lot of potential in the outsourcing sector. We are lucky to have such a talented freelancer community in our country. Now the question is, actually what are they (freelancer) doing for the living? Obviously, they are associated with the online and technology related field. Web design, develop, SEO, Digital Marketing, content writing are the mentionable factors among them.

So it’s essential to buy hosting to finish their jobs. Now you can take this blog post seriously as I am going to give you 5 super tips on hosting selection in Bangladesh!



Number One: (Loading Time)

Loading time is the thing that matters a lot for anyone! Especially if you run an e-commerce business, then the loading time may cause a significant amount of positive or negative impact on your profession.

Your potential clients have so many options to swap elsewhere since your website is so slow!

You have no other choice than to fix your loading time to accelerate your business. Of course, they will end up looking for services elsewhere because they are bored of waiting.

Please be sure that your provider ensures flawless loading time.


Number Two: (Intensive Support)

Maybe you are not that much tech savvy to run your website by own. So what will you do this time? Don’t shy to ask help what you need. If you don’t ask, you will never get the chance to finish your job properly. Thousands of duties will haunt you every day as you will not get enough time to ask for help by visiting the hosting company. In that case, you might need a little help which can be solved through a video call or just a minute FaceTime!

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Why would you waste your time? Search for a web hosting company that provides intensive support.


Number Three: (Website Rating)


Everyone does care about the website ratings. When the rating site ‘Alexa’ rates your website higher, you will feel proud (of course you will). That means you ‘do’ care about your website rating. Google also rates the secured site higher. Then why would you buy hosting or domain from the very unstable & less known company?

You have the right to get the best & secured hosting platform to accelerate your business.

Number Four: (Data Safety)


You have to think twice in terms of data safety as this matter will haunt you down every time if you take an unnecessary step. Your money saving attitude leads the probable accident related to data loss. When you care more about money, you have a chance to lose your valuable data & information through an unreliable platform. Be careful on your selection of hosting platform as the platform has the authority to safeguard your ‘million dollars’ resources.


Number five: (Trustworthy Platform)


Your domain and hosting platform needs to renew every year. In that case, if your company doesn’t exist in the next year, then it would be really difficult for you to renew your domain/ hosting as the company has already vanished from the market.


So at the end of the day, you will strongly regret your decision. Get ADNServers & be a better decision maker to lead your happy life. GOOD LUCK 🙂

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