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How to Scale Up your Facebook Shop and Go E-Commerce?

How to Scale Up your Facebook Shop and Go E-Commerce?

I am assuming that you are a Facebook shop owner. Since you have managed to withstand competition for so long and survive in this competitive times, it can be assumed that you are pretty good at what you do. Or maybe you are a new business and looking for tips and tricks.   in your business or at least you are trying to be good in the business.

Then what will be your next step? How would you expand your business? You have to make a concrete plan to start a full-fledged online business with a proper e-commerce site.

Read the full article till the end to know more about how to scale up your Facebook shop. Here are the few steps to follow:

  1. Identify your Target Audience:

Are you well aware of your target customers? Do they want a stylish website? Do they prefer to follow the up-to-date system? Or they prefer to read an informative blog post? You need to do intense research on these issues and come up with the type of content your users want to see.

Assuming that your fashion brand belongs to the fashion-forward people, your website needs to be colorful & up-to-date. The payment gateway you use should also be smooth so that the purchase path is easy and without hassle.

You should use the trendy & lucrative designs and bright colors for your website.

Doing live photography with models is a very good idea when you are setting up your website. It allows people to see how your clothes and other items look while being used.

  1. Develop a fresh, lucrative & super-fast homepage:

The first look is always important. Your homepage is the representative of your business’s first look. Make your homepage unique & smarter than your competitor’s page to grab more traffic. Your product categories should be included in the homepage’s button so that customers can buy the best match what they are looking for.

Now, you have to ensure a super-fast website for your customers. You need to select a domain name & buy a healthy hosting pack from a reliable source like ADNSERVERS. Then you need to start building your website. You can rely on ADNDigital as the company has a good record on designing website.

  1. Ensure a crystal clear category section:

Category is really important for any e-commerce platform. People will look for any product by searching on the website through category selection. That’s why you must put a specific product under the right category. The category must show the relevant product search suggestions as customers have a greater chance to buy any product while they search it online.

  1. You must ensure the Product variation, stock & on time delivery:

Customers who buy product from online are quite impatient. They are always in a hurry to order their desired product. As a result, they will search for his desired product on other online platform and probably will buy from there. So you have to be super conscious of this issue.

You have to ensure a handsome amount of product variation in your online store. Other than that, you must ensure a decent stock for your products. The scenario can be different if you sell an antique/ unique product like the artwork on online.

For a fashion brand, ensure plenty of sizes for your product as the potential customers will be very much disappointed if they don’t find any well-shaped product isn’t fully fit for them. So they may write a bad review on your page as they might feel offended.

For electronics shop, ensure a good quality product. Don’t sell refurbished or 2nd hand product without putting a sign on it. Make sure your vendors are also aware of it as it is a big issue for your brand value. Because of your deceitful vendors & negative review from the potential customers, you may lose a healthy amount of revenue. On the other hand, unauthorized electronics product may cause any serious damage to our environment & human being as well.

You have to find out the best delivery partner for ensuring a smooth & pro level delivery system to the customers. You may lose huge amount of clients by providing low-end delivery service. ‘Keeping your customer happy & sound’ is the main key to success for your business. Super-fast delivery system will help you to keep customer pleased in a long run.

  1. Go live with a long-term plan:

As you have completed the above-mentioned steps, you are ready to go live with your full force. Entrepreneurs often make a mistake by thinking that they would start making revenue from the start of the business. This would be almost impossible for most of the business as any business needs buffer time to establish & start earning money from the customers.

So you should make a long-term plan (at least 2 years) for your business. So make sure you have a good backup for your bank account for your business need.



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