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Dedicated Server Hosting

If you have your own website or online business you have heard the term “dedicated server hosting” but What is the dedicated server hosting? What are the benefits of a dedicated server hosting? Let’s take a look at the dedicated server hosting service which would benefit from using this type of service than the regular shared hosting service.

Dedicated Server Hosting

What is a Dedicated Server Hosting?

A dedicated server hosting service is one that offers you the benefits of the dedicated server hosting. In a shared hosting server you are one of the thousands of other user but in a dedicated server, you are the owner. You will get the server for your own use and of course, you need to pay for this. The dedicated server hosting is not for the beginners.

If you have a large volume of traffic, a large online business, popular blogs, shared hosting is not good for you. Dedicated server hosting services are the most reliable of the others and you don’t need to share your server with anyone. It’s very secure and you have the complete control over your server.

In a dedicated server hosting, you just leas a server for your own use also you can choose your own operating system, hardware and more. In managed web hosting service you get the cPanle to run your website. Unmanaged dedicated hosting services are usually used by highly professionals and database administrators. There are some more factors involved in server management.

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Server management:

Managed VPS and shared hosting services are easy to use and you can simply set up your website or blog. This type of service is targeted at people who have little knowledge about server technology. You can also get fully managed dedicated server for the people who have the vast knowledge of web server with large blogs and websites.

The terms ‘managed’ and ‘unmanaged’ is defined differently by different providers.

Hosting server can be fully managed to fully unmanaged. Prices will be changed as your requirements. There is four management level you can buy your dedicated server hosting.

Fully Unmanaged:

You can deal with upgrades, maintenance, security and everything else with this level. This type of service cost less because the service providers can manage the administration, security, customer services and so on. You can save money by doing all yourself. This level is only for experts.

Self-Managed Dedicated Hosting:

As the name says you can control the basic management by the provider like the basic server maintenance and monitoring. The customer can install their preferred security system and operating system. Support will not be provided by the provider in this level but you can manage other IT stuffs.

Managed Dedicated Hosting:

In this level, the provider will manage the higher level of maintenance and monitoring. The greater degree of server management and updating provided and a small amount of support.

Fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting:

This level is similar to shared and VPS hosting service where the customer has their own server. This is the most costly service for your website only for experts.

Security of Dedicated Servers:

Dedicated server hosting is far more secure than shared hosting server. You have on other users on your dedicated storage. In dedicated server hosting, you can add your own security system, firewalls, anti-virus, and anti-malware system and DDoS protection system. Your web hosting can be as secure as you want to be, and the best part is there is no restriction.

Shared hosting is the best for the beginners but when you begin to suffer downtime, slow download and upload speed, storage, and bandwidth its time to go to dedicated server hosting.

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How to Host a Website - a Complete Guide for Newbies

The world is changing day by day and its time you had a platform of your own where you can share your messages. The best way to do this create or host your own website or blog. If you have a business or products to sell more and show online presence you need a website. So, its very important to have a website in our modern online world. Now the question arises “How to host a website?”

It’s very easy to build a website nowadays, technology made things faster. Let me start making a list what you don’t need to start making a website.

  • Coding skill
  • Paid software for design
  • Past blogging experience

Let’s go to step to step guide, How to host a website?

What is your purpose

When you are planning to start making a website first you have to find the purpose. Ask yourself why you want to make a website? What is the purpose of the website?

  • Do you want to sell a product?
  • Do you share your personal portfolio or artwork?
  • To share your thoughts or personal experiences?
  • Promote your new business or service?

The purpose is endless but you need to decide first what you want?

Set Goals

Now its time to set some specific goals for your project. Write down some of your website’s purpose and point out a few goals.

Thinks about how much revenue you want to earn, what type of content you publish, what type of people will be your targeted audiences, build your brand etc.

Try to write everything you planning for your website and never be afraid to adjust your goals anytime.

Content Planning

Content is the king and it’s the most important part of your website. You can’t build your website until you know what type of contents you need to publish to make it successful.

  • Start with your website’s menu bar, it’s really important. Create a word file and write down the name you want to put on the menu bar.
  • Do you want to include a blog? The blog page or category will be helpful for search engine optimization(SEO). Blogs will help you to engage with the community also present you as an expert.
  • The about me page is also an important cause almost all the audiences visit this page to know about your website. In this place just put the story of yourself and description of your business.
  • If you want to sell products or services you need to describe the details of the products including images, reviews etc. Think about categories and subcategories of your products so that your customers can find easily.
  • The home page is the face of your website. Make a detail content plan for your home page. Use some eye catchy images, interactive words, call to action, offerings, sign up, newsletter and the other important data you want to show your audiences.

After setting up your website goals and content planning now you need to focus on the most important part to start the website.


  1. Choose the domain name
  2. Pick a web hosting
  3. Choose a CMS
  4. Design your website
  5. Publish your posts
  6. Promote, Write, Repeat

You are about to host your first your own website just follow the steps:

1. Choose the domain name

The first thing to do anyone who wants to start a website to buy a domain. Buy a domain name is so easy. There are a lot of domain extension available like .com .net .org .buzz .blog etc. You can buy any of them as requirements. The best domain extension for any type of website is the .com domain. Try to choose the domain as same as your websites like if you decide to name your blog or website “hoodefoode” your domain name will be www.hoodefoode.com


Choose a domain name is just a process to write down your desired name into the [domain search box] until you find the right one. Keep in mind when you choose the best domain:
1. Easy to type and memorable
2. Keep it short and simple
3. Avoid number, letters, and hyperlinks

2. Pick a web hosting

Web hosting is the thing makes your website visible on the web. Without it, you never see your website. Hosting is basically run on a server owned by a web hosting company, and a website takes just a small space on that server. It’s like renting an apartment in a building and you pay for space. If your hosting account goes down your website will disappear from the web. So, it’s very important to choose the [best web hosting service provider] with strong security and uptime guarantee. Just make sure that your blog will be visible to the whole world 24/7.

Step by Step guide how to host a website with ADNSERVERS

1. Go to ADNSERVERS hosting plan
Create an account to continue

2. Choose a plan

Choose a plan as your website requirements, the good practice is to start with the basic plan. You can always upgrade your plan if needed.

3. Choose a CMS

Content management system(CMS) is a modern website building technology where you can manage all of your website content without any programming language. Whenever people talk about to create a website or blog the first name come “WordPress” because it’s very popular and user-friendly. A statics says there are more than 74 million website owners use WordPress to manage their website. You can choose other CMS’s as well as per requirements like Joomla, Opencart, Shopify, Magento etc.

4. Design your website

This is the time every website owner waiting because this is the part where the website designed. The time needs to decide how your blog will look to the world. If you choose WordPress as your CMS you can get a lot of free themes with some extra plugins to boost your website’s performance.

A theme is the outer design of a website which is developed by an expert developer. There are hundreds of free themes available and hundreds more for purchase for your choice. Whatever you choose for your website be sure that the design represents your website.

5. Publish your posts

After completing the design your website its live for the world. Now you have to create a post some awesome content for your audiences. Just a few steps to follow

  • Post title
  • Post body
  • Add media
  • Add featured image
  • Publish a post

6.Promote, Write, Repeat

Now you are blogging for your business now. Make sure you spread the word the post everywhere you can share. Post this on different social media networks, email to your growing list of newsletter subscribers. Finally, repeat the process.

Hope this will help.

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Best Hosting Service

If you are a small business owner or planning to start a new website or upgrading your existing website you definitely need a best hosting service. You also know that there are hundreds of web hosting service companies providing hosting service you need to find the best one which really can serve you better.

These dozens of companies provide different types of services but you need to find the best hosting service for you. When you in search of the best one some question arises, will be shared hosting well for you? Do you need dedicated hosting? Do you have knowledge of WordPress hosting? What’s the difference between all the available hosting services?

Let’s break it down, starting with how the shared, VPS, dedicated hosting other services compare. Also, discuss which service may work for you and which companies are the best at providing their services.


Types of Web Hosting
There is some important difference between the different types of web hosting, so it’s very important to understand the types of web hosting for your target. Choosing the best hosting service depends on your business types. Let’s discuss the basics of web hosting available.

Best Hosting Service For Small Business


Shared Hosting
Shared hosting is less expensive and the popular type. It’s just as it sounds like. In this service, you share a server with other businesses provided by the hosting companies. This can be good for you if you don’t have much experience in development and less traffic coming to your website. You will be charged for the package you have purchased but the disk space and bandwidth will be shared with other business owners. Shared hosting is not good for the growing eCommerce website but it’s good to start to grow your online presence.


Managed WordPress hosting
This package designed especially for WordPress website. It’s much faster than shared web hosting packages more secure and offers better uptime. This can be restricted for the users who have highly customized their WordPress websites because some plugins are not supported. And some particular case this package will be more expensive.


Dedicated Hosting Server
In this package, you don’t share your disk space as well as the bandwidth. You can host many websites here as your requirement where you are the only owner and you can customize as you want. Dedicated Hosting Server is designed especially for the websites with heavy traffic or expect heavy traffic load near future. Only negative of this service, it’s more expensive than shared hosting.


VPS Hosting
Some web hosting has a hybrid opting called VPS or Virtual Private Server which is the mixer of a dedicated and shared hosting server. The main benefit of this service is that it significantly cheaper than dedicated hosting with same disk space and bandwidth. But it more expensive than shared hosting service and if your website traffic doesn’t increase you may be spending your money unnecessarily. Some web hosting company doesn’t allocate server resources to do deep research to find the best hosting service for you.



Cloud Hosting
This service is similar to VPS hosting. This service provides increased hard disk spaces, speed, RAM and power compared with shared and dedicated hosting service. As you can customize as your requirements the biggest benefit of this hosting is that if one of your servers crashed, it can be replaced easily. It’s very popular for eCommerce website which needs better uptime and speed also added the benefit of a strong safeguard against DDoS attack.


With all this keep in mind, you can easily choose the best hosting service for your present also the future business.

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Best Web Hosting 2018 for Small Business

Today we use web hosting to manage the database, automation, blogging platforms and bunch more. If you are ready to manage your data into your own hands and develop your website you need to find a good web host that can make your life easy and beautiful.
It is not easy to pick up the right web hosting company from the hundreds of different options on google. On every web hosting related websites you can see the “ads” of different companies and treated as the best web host but no one explains why they are best. We need to know the functionalities of a web host so that we can compare and find the best one.



How can we pick the Best Web Hosting 2018?

Now, if we pick the best web hosting 2018 form Google, how and what parameter we need to follow picking them up. No one really tells you how you can find a great web hosting company but they all are labeled as “99.9% uptime”, “Best online support”, “Good pricing”, etc and through discounts and sign up bonuses. But almost all of them offer the same product with identical pricing.


This is the guide for “Best Web Hosting 2018”, will be everything a buyer needs to know about web hosting company that helps you to decide the best one. Let’s start with the different types of web hosting companies first. We can categorize the hosting companies into three basic types “Shared”, “VPS(Virtual private server)” and “Dedicated”. Farther we will discuss a bit on cloud hosting providers.


Shared web hosting: Shared web hosting is exactly the same thing what it sounds like. Your data will be hosted on a large server that will be shared with others. As a result, your monthly bill will be reduced because the spaces also shared along with other site owners. This is one of the popular plans for web hosting companies. This definitely can save your money each month that is why probably it is the most popular. This plan also has some disadvantage because you don’t manage others database so it may lead your storage down. As a result, your site may load slower or may not even load and your audiences get an error message. Also if someone uses this resources with something shady that means blackhat SEO or spamming on the web and emails it probably affects all other websites on the shared server you are using.


Dedicated Server Hosting: As the name suggestion dedicated server that host only your website and obviously you need to pay more. You can customize every resource as you want like bandwidth, CPU, storage as your requirements. This is the most recommended hosting plan for your website, especially if you have a large number of traffics coming to your website. It’s your own dedicated server like you have your own freedom for customization, growth, security and the most important thing is you are not harmed by someone else’s mistake. It’s a very good idea to start with shared hosting as a starter. When you gather some experience to maintain the hosting servers you can upgrade your plan shared to dedicated.


Virtual Private Server (VPS): Virtual Private Server Hosting is the first step of virtualization, a virtual private PC that runs with a larger interconnected server. This is combining both shared and dedicated server, it is cheaper than a dedicated server so you can configure your resources like storage, ram, bandwidth, and CPU another important thing you get a free dedicated IP in this package.


Unmanaged Cloud: This is a very interesting option where you get a dedicated server or you can configure your own dedicated server. Most important part is you can set up your own server for you as your requirements. You can choose the operating system, Cpanel, configuring email, or other features you want to. If you are not much experience using this or not have much programming knowledge there are a lot of tutorials about configure cloud hosting online.


Now, you know the different types of web hosting but it’s not enough to pick a best one. There are other factors you need to know to compare the best web hosting providers. Let’s discuss the factors that help you to find the Best Web Hosting 2018.


The factors we considered to select the best web hosting 2018

  1. Server Uptime
  2. Speed
  3. Flexibility to Upgrade
  4. Security
  5. Tech & Billing Support


Server Uptime: This is the most valuable and important option to be considered. How can you convert your customers if your website is down for maintenance or frequently shown error messages? If your audiences looking for your website and see the error message its not good for your business. This happens when your server goes down. There are several ways to monitor server uptime.

  1. Ping monitor: Ping your website to confirm its running or not.
  2. HTTP monitor: This application enables the developer to view all the HTTP traffic between your PC and the internet. On the other hand, it observes the transfer of data between a networking client and server.
  3. DNS Server Monitor: Domain Name Server helps to monitor consistent connectivity to your website and server.
  4. TCP port monitor: TCP port monitor established the connection using the connect method of the system to monitor in-depth availability and performance.


Speed: Speed is the major factor that should always be considered. Now you understand that too much shared hosted website can slow down your website. The slower site that takes too much load time cause frustrated traffics, and this is very harmful to your business. Google considered loading time of a website one of the most ranking factors.


Flexibility to Upgrade: The best web hosting provider allow you to upgrade your plan hassle-free. It is recommended to switch to a dedicated server or a VPS when you are ready to handle it also to cover up the steady traffic flow.


Security: System security is one of the major concern for your database. You have to always monitor that your site will not be hacked or leaked your customer’s information. Keep in kind that your web hosting provider has this service cause this is the biggest way to lose your website credibility.


Tech & Billing Support: It’s always important, sometimes there are issues with the technical problem, billing problem. The best web hosting service must have a dedicated team can quickly help you resolve your issues.


These are the basic methodology and the factors you need to focus to decide a best web hosting service. I hope you understand the how to pick up the best web hosting and your search for the “best web hosting 2018” ends with this guide.

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