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Nowadays develop a website or blog becomes very easy. Even anyone can create his/her own website without any technical knowledge. The only requirement is you have some basic knowledge of all the tools to develop a website. No matter what is your business or passion is but not having a website you lose your potential customers. Let’s discuss 26 major points you must have to focus.


develop a website1. Domain: Domain the very first step to develop a website. The domain name must be easy to memorize. You can choose a domain name same as your keyword if your keyword is “best web hosting” your domain name should be “www.bestwebhosting.com”. This will help you to rank on search engines.

2. Hosting: This is another important step to develop a website. You must have to buy a good hosting for your website. There is a lot of good web hosting provider online just search on google and find a good hosting provider. You can choose both Economy Hosting Service and Enterprise Hosting Service. When you buy a hosting just focus some things like space, speed, up time etc.

3. The technology you use: To develop a website you need to use some technical terms like html5, css, javascript etc.

4. Purpose: Your website must show your purpose. What is the purpose of the website, Business, Corporate, e-commerce, etc

5. Layout & Color: Color effects the front of your site. A neat layout is always preferred.

6. Sitemap: Clear sitemap & flow chart is very much important for a quality website.

7. Content: Your website has to provide a good and informative content to the users. Target certain keywords to rank high in search engines. The type of the content like language, pictures, videos etc has the influence on how fast or how slow that website will load.

8. Audience: You have to know who your audience is then you can build content that attracts them.

9. Advertisement: Don’t put too much advertisement on your website. If it is not necessary, don’t put it here. Excessive use of advertisement bother your audiences, as a result, your web traffic decrease.

10. Pop up message: Prevent pop up message. It is the most annoying type of advertising because of slow loading and sometimes you can’t close it.

11. Attractive Design: The Good website should be simple yet professional.

12. Buttons: Make an eye-catching button and call to action button.

13. Background: You can choose a clean look, colorful look or you can consider patterned background too.

14. Images: Choose images carefully as it will create a lasting impression on everyone. So, you want it to be good and memorable.

15. Easy Navigation: Users can easily find what they are looking for.

16. Unique: There are so many good websites out there but you have to make your website stand out from the other.

17. Fresh: Post contents regularly to your website. Keep it fresh and update. Try to gather trending contents from different sources which help you come back to audiences.

18. Optimized: A good website has to be search engine friendly. It means it is easy to find your website in the search engine.

19. Cross Browsers: A good website has to be able to be viewed properly in all types of modern browser, for example, google chrome, Mozilla firefox, safari.

20. Screen Resolution: Formerly web design made 980px in width. But its responsive web design is getting popular a site can be designed up to 1230px in width.

21. Social Media: Create all social media account and put social media button on your website so the audience can easily find your social media accounts.



22. Typography: Choose your typography Legible font is definitely important.

23. Registration: If visitors have to interact with your website, give them advantages when they do.

24. Tracking & Analytics: With this you can monitor how your website goes and how to optimize.

25. Provide Security: Visitors have to feel safe when they leave their information on your website. Especially when they have to register their contacts detail or credit card number.

26. Footer: Footer may not be the main thing in a site, but with a well-designed footer, you can impress your visitor. In footer you can use your location map also the detail information like your physical address, phone number.

Hope those discussions help you to start building a website from scratch.

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The Fastest Way to Build a Website with Great Look

One of the best things you can do to promote yourself, a product, a service, or a business is to create a website. This is about how to build a website. Not only will you add exposure to your business name but you are also going to add new customers to your base. This is exactly your intentions. If you want to expand and grow you must take advantage of the customer base that is available through the Internet.

Build A Website – Hire a Firm or Do It Yourself?

The question of how to build a website is easy to answer. You can hire a professional firm to design and create your website and pay perhaps thousands of dollars for their help and expertise. Or you can create, design, and build your own website that will simply cost you your time and a little bit of money for setting it up and purchasing the domain.

Simple Steps to Build a Website

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  1. Decide what kind of site you want to have. No matter the business, having a website will benefit you. You will need to determine what you are going to do with the site so you know where you need to go with it. If you are wanting to sell your art, offer services or simply provide information the needs of your site will be different.
  2. Get a domain name and a website host. There are hundreds of domain name registrars and website hosts out there. You can purchase a domain from one provider and a hosting package from another, but in the end you will need to have your site somewhere. Many sites out there are offering free domains and free websites, but we caution you that the time and work you put into the site will be gone if they ever decide to take your site down. On average you can buy a domain for around $10 and hosting for as low at $5 a month. You can check here for the most reliable domain and hosting.
  3. Decide if you need a payment processor. Before you can make money online, you need to have a way to get payments. You won’t make too many sales if you ask everyone to send you a check. There are many services that process payments without charging you to set up an account, but all of them will charge you a percentage of your sales. If you are using a website builder through your domain registrar or website host you may want to wait to find out what payment programs plug into the site, you will be building.
  4. You want to be sure to set yourself apart from the crowd, this is one step that cannot be overlooked, even when you are working on creating a website fast and easy. If you are going to have a logo or already have one in place, be sure to use it on your site. To build a website fast, you need to determine properly.
  5. Products or Services. If you haven’t already decided, you will need to determine exactly what you are going to offer. If you want to build a website up fast and easy, having a pre-written description of the items you are selling will save a lot of time since you can literally copy and paste the details onto your website.



Adding Video, Text, and Pictures

When you are learning the process of how to build a website you will be able to add videos, price tags, charts, graphs, and advertising language for your own product, service, or name. Once you get the hang of it and become familiar with the process it will be easy to update your site whenever you feel it is necessary. The website is the smart way to grow your business and gain new customers. To build a website successfully, do not ignore the point of adding video, text and pictures.

Let us know in case of any help needed for building a website and more.

Thank you.

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