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Web Hosting Definition

Web Hosting Definition, it is the most asked question online the people who want to start a website or blog. Web hosting is very important for a website or a webpage. It is the physical location of a website on the internet, an online storage where the information for a website like images, videos, and other content shown a website. Web hosting service providers manage the server where the data stored which shown your website also the technology that connects to the internet.

If you seriously want to create a website you need to find the best web hosting service provider. You can find a lot of best web hosting service providers offer fast network performance, stable servers, and reliable customer support.

To build a website or a blog for beginners, Shared Hosting or WordPress Hosting is the best choice.

There are many web hosting providers online can be used to host your website and the most interesting part they all are accessible all over the world. As a beginner, you can start with the shared hosting service for the low amount of content and traffics as soon as your traffic increases you can upgrade anytime.

Web Hosting Definition

Now, you know the web hosting definition lets discuss the types of web hosting:

Web hosting types that include shared hosting, Dedicated hosting, Cloud hosting, and WordPress hosting. All the types are suitable for beginners and experienced users. Most of the users just order the package, make a payment. To get started or make changes and build the website users just log into the user cPanel or dashboard. After completing the payment packages users can manage their own Dashboard.

Shared Hosting

This type of web hosting runs multiple or many different websites and all of them hosted on the same server. Each user allocated with a certain amount of storage. It is the cheapest of all web hosting types. In other words, a shared hosting means that actually share the same server machine with several other users such as CPU, Memory, disk capacity, bandwidth.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting server that offers you the resources and full access to the entire server. This type of hosting is not shared with any other clients. You get the whole server to develop the website that means you always have enough bandwidth and memory to handle traffics and other security option to your website. This is the power of the dedicated web hosting. The most important part is this is more costly than the shared web hosting.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is a type of hosting service that uses a series of servers that interconnected with one another provider in various places as a single entity. In other words, it’s a machine set up on the server and user can access there with an ID and PASS provided by the hosting company.

WordPress Hosting

This type of web hosting is almost the same as shared and cloud hosting. WordPress Web Hosting is optimized from various aspects to support the performance od server resources to perform well in managing the website or blog for WordPress CMS those are the difference between the other hosting service. Users get the cPanel and the other facilities to manage and best-performing WordPress sites.

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Finally, to develop a website or maintain a blog you have to know the web hosting definition first. After you have knowledge about the server, hosting, domain, packages you can start developing a website or a blog also you can sell service worldwide.

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domain registration

Anyone who wants to create a website for their business it’s very important to register a domain. The domain is your virtual identity.

It’s defining the name of your brand, company, and is responsible for presenting your company on the web. First, we need to know what a domain is? the domain is an address used to see a website on the internet by using a web browser. It is registered by the user to store their website and the customers can visit to know more about your work.

Creating a domain registration is very simple. You need to go to the registration sites and search your desired domain name.

You can find the domains here: Domain Registration Service

It is possible to choose several types of domain extension, such as .com, .co.in, .net and lot more. The enrollment charge will change depending on the expansion and the chosen address, but you’ll reenact the values sometime recently enlisting the benefit. One tip is to fair set the title of your company on the off chance that the space for the required brand is free, so you are doing not ought to reproduce a modern visual character.

domain registration

Let’s discuss the common questions asked about domain registration:

1. Can I register the domain I want?

Yes, given it is accessible. For all intents and purposes, all destinations that work with space enlistment have instruments that check on the off chance that the specified space is free or has as of now been enrolled. If space is free you’ll enroll it at any time, as a rule, the domain plans are yearly and don’t weigh so much within the budget.

2. Do I have priority in renewing a domain?

Yes. The endless lion’s share of locales offers a yearly arrange for the enrolled space. Hence, when paying to enlist a space, you’ll utilize it for a year, with add up to freedom and security, without anybody undermining to require it.

Being the proprietor of the address, you’ve got the need to keep it. In brief, when the space enrollment period terminates, the contracted company will begin with look for you to offer renewal choices. In case the benefit isn’t recharged until the term stipulated within the contract, space is once more free to be enrolled by other people. So it is critical to remain associated in this circumstance so you are doing not hazard losing the space to another client, hurting your company.

3. What is a subdomain?

In expansion to register the domain, famously called the essential space, you’ll be able to make numerous subdomains. In hone, subdomains are branches of the essential space, that’s, addresses to that of your company.

It is conceivable to form subdomains for the reason of taking the client to a specific portion of the site. For example, it is conceivable that your location contains a client region, so you’ll be able to register the domain: clientarea.domainname.com for illustration. As a result, clients getting to the address will be coordinated straightforwardly to your customer’s page.

4. How does a domain registration work?

Well, to begin with, you select the space among the accessible ones and pay your registration through credit card or payment door on the site of the company that works with the benefit. The enlistment is ordinarily substantial for one year, but companies offer longer-term arrange choices, which ordinarily have great rebates.

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Web Hosting services

For would-be site owners and authors, publishing your files to the server perhaps as simple as it sounds but it exceeds that. The time invested in uploading files is the pointer of the iceberg. Selecting an efficient web hosting services can make or break your site. The web hosting business is the backbone of the information that you are asking them to keep. This data needs to be readily available all the time at breakneck speed connections. Erroneously selected a web host that is not with the ability to do the job and the site is bound for the graves. Even if it has the best content and graphics if the web host can not deliver the needs of the website, it will all be at lost.

Web Hosting services

Different Types of Web Hosting services

Shared Web Hosting Services

By the word shared this implies there is a sharing of the website on a single server. This type of bundle is most common amongst less requiring sites that are more on text and little on graphics. This web hosting bundle shares the hardware and the connections to the other sites being hosted on the server. This site can vary from a few hundred to the tens of thousands that will be sharing for the hardware. The site that is being hosted at this kind of web hosting is bounded by a quota of hard drive space and bandwidth. Given that there are numerous sites that are hosted in the server, a customer must expect that the website might lag due to the server’s slower response time.

Virtual Private Server Hosting Services

This kind of web hosting is much like the shared hosting plan that shares the hardware resources of the web server but this supplies the customers more control of the site. The information is still kept on the very same computer but with lower hosted websites considering that the hard drive of the host server is partitioned to each site. This procedure, in turn, can devote an individual Internet Protocol or IP address to each partition.

Reseller Web Hosting Services

Commonly a reseller web hosting package resembles shared web hosting. They are simply called reseller given that this goes through a third party reservation and not the web host business itself. There are web hosting companies that provide discounts to resellers who are generally site designers and authors that consist of web hosting as part of their services.

Dedicated Web Hosting Services

This kind of web hosting is the most costly kind of web hosting package. Because dedicated hosting manages only one site per server, the site owner soaks up all the cost in keeping the site such as power, hardware, line connection, and technical workers – unlike in Shared and Virtual Private Server Hosting where the expense can expand to the websites that are renting the server. This plan is suggested for demanding site parameters such as e-commerce and consumer relations management websites that are data extensive and a sluggish connection would suggest loss sales.



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Best Web Hosting 2018 for Small Business

Today we use web hosting to manage the database, automation, blogging platforms and bunch more. If you are ready to manage your data into your own hands and develop your website you need to find a good web host that can make your life easy and beautiful.
It is not easy to pick up the right web hosting company from the hundreds of different options on google. On every web hosting related websites you can see the “ads” of different companies and treated as the best web host but no one explains why they are best. We need to know the functionalities of a web host so that we can compare and find the best one.



How can we pick the Best Web Hosting 2018?

Now, if we pick the best web hosting 2018 form Google, how and what parameter we need to follow picking them up. No one really tells you how you can find a great web hosting company but they all are labeled as “99.9% uptime”, “Best online support”, “Good pricing”, etc and through discounts and sign up bonuses. But almost all of them offer the same product with identical pricing.


This is the guide for “Best Web Hosting 2018”, will be everything a buyer needs to know about web hosting company that helps you to decide the best one. Let’s start with the different types of web hosting companies first. We can categorize the hosting companies into three basic types “Shared”, “VPS(Virtual private server)” and “Dedicated”. Farther we will discuss a bit on cloud hosting providers.


Shared web hosting: Shared web hosting is exactly the same thing what it sounds like. Your data will be hosted on a large server that will be shared with others. As a result, your monthly bill will be reduced because the spaces also shared along with other site owners. This is one of the popular plans for web hosting companies. This definitely can save your money each month that is why probably it is the most popular. This plan also has some disadvantage because you don’t manage others database so it may lead your storage down. As a result, your site may load slower or may not even load and your audiences get an error message. Also if someone uses this resources with something shady that means blackhat SEO or spamming on the web and emails it probably affects all other websites on the shared server you are using.


Dedicated Server Hosting: As the name suggestion dedicated server that host only your website and obviously you need to pay more. You can customize every resource as you want like bandwidth, CPU, storage as your requirements. This is the most recommended hosting plan for your website, especially if you have a large number of traffics coming to your website. It’s your own dedicated server like you have your own freedom for customization, growth, security and the most important thing is you are not harmed by someone else’s mistake. It’s a very good idea to start with shared hosting as a starter. When you gather some experience to maintain the hosting servers you can upgrade your plan shared to dedicated.


Virtual Private Server (VPS): Virtual Private Server Hosting is the first step of virtualization, a virtual private PC that runs with a larger interconnected server. This is combining both shared and dedicated server, it is cheaper than a dedicated server so you can configure your resources like storage, ram, bandwidth, and CPU another important thing you get a free dedicated IP in this package.


Unmanaged Cloud: This is a very interesting option where you get a dedicated server or you can configure your own dedicated server. Most important part is you can set up your own server for you as your requirements. You can choose the operating system, Cpanel, configuring email, or other features you want to. If you are not much experience using this or not have much programming knowledge there are a lot of tutorials about configure cloud hosting online.


Now, you know the different types of web hosting but it’s not enough to pick a best one. There are other factors you need to know to compare the best web hosting providers. Let’s discuss the factors that help you to find the Best Web Hosting 2018.


The factors we considered to select the best web hosting 2018

  1. Server Uptime
  2. Speed
  3. Flexibility to Upgrade
  4. Security
  5. Tech & Billing Support


Server Uptime: This is the most valuable and important option to be considered. How can you convert your customers if your website is down for maintenance or frequently shown error messages? If your audiences looking for your website and see the error message its not good for your business. This happens when your server goes down. There are several ways to monitor server uptime.

  1. Ping monitor: Ping your website to confirm its running or not.
  2. HTTP monitor: This application enables the developer to view all the HTTP traffic between your PC and the internet. On the other hand, it observes the transfer of data between a networking client and server.
  3. DNS Server Monitor: Domain Name Server helps to monitor consistent connectivity to your website and server.
  4. TCP port monitor: TCP port monitor established the connection using the connect method of the system to monitor in-depth availability and performance.


Speed: Speed is the major factor that should always be considered. Now you understand that too much shared hosted website can slow down your website. The slower site that takes too much load time cause frustrated traffics, and this is very harmful to your business. Google considered loading time of a website one of the most ranking factors.


Flexibility to Upgrade: The best web hosting provider allow you to upgrade your plan hassle-free. It is recommended to switch to a dedicated server or a VPS when you are ready to handle it also to cover up the steady traffic flow.


Security: System security is one of the major concern for your database. You have to always monitor that your site will not be hacked or leaked your customer’s information. Keep in kind that your web hosting provider has this service cause this is the biggest way to lose your website credibility.


Tech & Billing Support: It’s always important, sometimes there are issues with the technical problem, billing problem. The best web hosting service must have a dedicated team can quickly help you resolve your issues.


These are the basic methodology and the factors you need to focus to decide a best web hosting service. I hope you understand the how to pick up the best web hosting and your search for the “best web hosting 2018” ends with this guide.

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The features of Web Hosting Service you need to know

Before we start talking about the features of a web hosting service we need to know about web hosting. Web hosting is a service which provides web spaces to manage websites. If you want to create a website you need a hosting space. Using the web space you can easily manage the contents of your website. The hosting spaces are categories depending on the users like shared, reseller, VPS, and dedicated servers.

So, you planning to create a website, starting a blog or an e-commerce you need to know those features and how they work. Making a good decision to choose a web hosting service can be really hard. Today, there are a lot of web hosting service companies offer the same service but you can easily decide one if you know the features very well.

Common Web Hosting Features


Common Web Hosting Features

Disk Storage:

This is the common feature of a web hosting and can be found under many names like ‘disk space’, ‘storage size’, ‘data space’, ‘storage space’, ‘storage room’ etc. That indicates the mechanical storage where the website data content is stored.

In the hosting process, the spaces provided to the website as per the required for the site. The disk storage availed for the website or the web business. For example, a personal blog website requires only 500MB-50GB.


Bandwidth means the data transfer speed in your network connection. It defined as Bps (Bits per second), Gbps(gigabits per second).

If you have lesser bandwidth your website might be hampered. It is calculated the data transferred from your website through a network. If you have lesser bandwidth your website might be unavailable for the audiences.

Email Accounts:

It’s an essential feature of a web hosting service companies. Email address is very important for all kind of business or personal communication. People use email hosting like yahoo, Gmail, outlook but they are not professional. Its very important have your own hosted email address for your business communication like email@yourdomain.com.

It is possible when your web hosting has the email hosting panel. Those email accounts are handled through cPanel. You can create the email accounts as your requirements also you can name them as you wish like info@yourdomain.com, business@yourdomain.com.

cPanel accounts:

cPanel is the main area of a web hosting account. In the web hosting the cPanel account created to manage the domain, database, security, and emails. It’s a control panel with multiple tools like files, domain, database, security, and software. To manage all the stuff cPanel account created by the web hosting companies and give the credentials to the customers to manage.


FTP accounts:

From your web hosting service providers the FTP account is created to transfer files through FileZilla and other third-party software. FTP option enabled by the web hosting service providers in your hosting account which is also your website backup solution for your files. This is used for uploading and managing the files on the website.

Mysql Database:

You can manage and edit your web contents by creating a MySQL database. This option will find the cPanel. You can create as many databases as you want to manage your website content. This modern technology is very popular because of its flexibility easy use.

Website or domain:

The number of domains you can host on your web hosting. The web hosting service providers serve the website from 1 to unlimited domains as per requirements. If you are planning to create multiple websites you can go for a shared hosting plan.

Addon domain:

You can create multiple domains is a same web hosting account. In this section, you can create email addresses, email forwards, autoresponders, under your addon domains. The addon domain helps the customers who want to handle multiple domains.


The subdomain is a part of your main domain like offer@adnservers.com. It is like a separate website where you can design separately also you can redirect your main site with this subdomain. We can add as many subdomains as we want.

Account Transfer:

It is nothing but just transferring your web hosting account to another web hosting service providers. When you do this all of your essential data will be transferred to another hosting and it’s very important. You can normally do this by using your FTP account but you need this option on your hosting.

Network Redundancy:

It is very important and it’s ensuring the network availability when a network device unavailable.

SSH access:

This is the root access provided through cPanel to access your hosting account from the remote system by using a private key. You can create the backup by using SSH.

SSL Certificate:

SSL Certificate is the medium to communicate between the browser and the server. That helps to avoid unwanted traffics to your website. This service is paid and depends upon requirements.

Softaculous Apps Installer:

Using this feature in cPanel user can easily install applications. It’s an auto script installer which can install PHP, javascript, CMS like WordPress. This also helps you to create backups and restore anytime you want.

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