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Top 3 Web Hosting Packages Perfect for Your Small Business or Start-up

Top 3 Web Hosting Packages Perfect for Your Small Business or Start-up

Best Web Hosting for Startups

Business web hosting

Maybe you are an entrepreneur. You need a website for your business. Then what will be the procedure to get a website?

This blog will be a guideline for you to get the best web hosting for your startups.

When it comes to price, ease of setup, use and maintenance, it’s hard to beat shared hosting service. It’s basically everything a new operation could want.

At the time of this writing, ADN SERVERS has a great introductory offer of $1.2 per month.

For that price you get:

  • Fully managed and fast services
  • Uses International Data Centers
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free Daily Backups
  • Free cPanel
  • Free Cloudfare
  • Free DDOS protection
  • Free Spam protection for Mail

Not only that, we have made our packages based on the following features especially for the new business owners:

Here is our Top 3 packages for the starters:

  1. 5 GB Starter Pack
  2. 20 GB Standard Pack
  3. 5 GB CMS Starter Pack

To serve the client’s purpose properly, ADNSERVERS team made those packages considering few things like:


It’s obvious that the new businessman has a very low budget as the person doesn’t earn much revenue during the few first months of the business. So he/she will allocate a tiny amount of money for the marketing budget. As a result, he/she will spend a lower amount of money for his/her business at the very first stage.



Our hosting plans are made based on the market research that we have done way before we start promoting the business.



Since budget is one of the noticeable things for startups, uptime guarantee can give you a few extra points. The owner of the startup may buy any necessary item by using his/ her uptime savings.


Customer support:

At the very start of the business, business owner might not have a tech expert to design/ furnish his business website or hosting. In this case, you will get an extensive customer care support from ADNSERVERS.  ADNSERVERS has the most qualified engineers in town where you will get 24/7 support on hosting or domain related problems. Even you can easily transfer your domain & hosting platform to ADNSERVERS as the hosting provider has the best plans that suits an entrepreneur most.



You have come here to buy a reliable hosting for your business site. So it’s obvious that the term ‘security’ would be a vital factor to consider. Cloudflare, DDoS protection & most important thing is the secured data center, all things will be ensured in ADNSERVERS platform as we promise the highest security for our beloved clients.



When other hosting platforms don’t specify bandwidth speed, ADNSERVERS promise the unmetered bandwidth facility. As Bangladesh’s best hosting platform, ADNSERVERS also monitor the bandwidth speed limit of our clients as we have a super active support team to ensure 100% quality on hosting service to our clients.


Disk space:

As an entrepreneur you might be looking for a low budget hosting like: 1 GB, 5 GB or 20 GB pack. We always care about our customer’s need as we provide the most suitable packages for the starters.


Feel free to explore our domain list: https://adnservers.com/domain-registration-service.php

Hosting packs:

WEB: https://adnservers.com/web-hosting.php

CMS: https://adnservers.com/cms-hosting.php

& SSL certificate:

COMODO: https://adnservers.com/comodo.php

DIGICERT: https://adnservers.com/digicert.php


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