10 Crucial Advantages of VPS hosting in Bangladesh

10 Crucial Advantages of VPS hosting in Bangladesh

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VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is a hosting facility. Now, to simply VPS hosting is a virtualized hosting server. A virtual private server hosting system simulates like a dedicated server inside a shared hosting system. Therefore, technically it is both the dedicated hosting system and shared hosting system.

VPS hosting is one of many different kinds of web hosting solution. Many website maintainers are picking virtual private server hosting for their websites. You too can choose VPS hosting for your business’s website. First, do you know how to have your own website? You would need to have your website files uploaded on a web server in order to have your own website published and running.

Then, you would have to set up your web server and manage it over through time. It is a time-consuming process. Not to mention, it is quite an expensive system too. When you purchase a website hosting service, you get to enjoy a rented virtual space for your website. It might do not sound much simple, but it is a great service for anyone with budget issues continually twinkling like the bees under their bonnet. Because all you have to do is to purchase a web server service. Then, upload your website’s document files. Simple, right? Because you would not need to set up any configuration of your server. This is the great thing about virtual private server hosting service. It is safe, fast and easy to maintain.


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Virtual private server hosting system draws a middle line in our website hosting system. For example, let us consider someone, who is in need of full root access. Like the one we get to enjoy when we use the dedicated server. Virtual private server hosting system would offer a great service within your budget. Compared to other web hosting system, this hosting system serves us a great cost efficient deal for.

So, we now know virtual private server hosting offers us a bunch of great deals. But, do we know exactly how a VPS hosting is beneficial to us? And, what are the advantages of a VPS hosting? Is it better than a dedicated server system or shared hosting system? If so, how is it better then these two? Well, do not worry.

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We will discuss VPS hosting in details and answer all of those aforementioned questions thoroughly in this article.
Cost Efficient Benefit

A virtual private server is a single server. It is a virtual machine. You can host multiple VPS on only a single physical server too. Your hosting providers can perform the Multi-Tenancy of VPS if the case should require. Note it here, a Multi-Tenancy is the pivot element of VPS. Be it a Virtuozzo or it can even be the  OpenVZ. You will only need to install one physical machine with a required software template. Then it will operate through a reflective layer. Then, multiple numbers of single servers will function via that simple template. This is very very important for us. Because of these simple steps, VPS can operate so easily. That is it. Because of them, we can deploy multiple VPS hosting system within our budget. This is why virtual private server hosting is very cost efficient compared to the dedicated hosting server.

Disaster Management Benefit

The most difficult decision we have to make when we try to choose a web hosting service is about this point. We need a web hosting service that offers a proper disaster management system. You have heard that most common request our clients do. Can you guess? Our clients often ask us to install some applications. Or, upload some data to their hosting server. You can serve them via the central kernel. It has no abstraction layer. Here, you should keep things protected. Save the backups. It is technically very useful to avoid potential data loss.

Also, you can pick a VPS hosting system for the easier solution. A virtual private server hosting offers you the faster route. It can help you for quick disaster recovery compared to the old dedicated hosting system. Because the VPS can back up instantly and can reboot to a  different node if you ever lose any data. It is quicker than the others as is has absolutely zero downtime.

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Measurement Benefit

You can measure every single movement of your virtual private server hosting system. You can scale up and down things according to your clients’ demand. If you see any of your applications are draining your RAM, you can just simply adjust it to your preferred speed. And the change will take place with absolutely no downtime whatsoever.

Root Accessing Benefit

This particular type of benefit you will get to enjoy only by the dedicated hosting servers system. Since we are talking about the advantages we get to enjoy when we use virtual private server hosting system, I have to mention this one too. You can actually enjoy full root access in the virtual private server web hosting system. All you would need is a good developer team. You will also need to own a sandbox for all the testings. Then you can run the virtual private server hosting system simply smoothly. You can do it at a very low cost


No doubt the virtual private server hosting system is the champion of any other web hosting system in these days. The virtual private server hosting is more robust compared to the shared hosting system. And, virtual private server hosting system is more flexible compared to the dedicated server system. No wonder, the virtual private server hosting facilities are growing in popularity rather quite rapidly. Corporate clients prefer VPS facility because of its cloud system. VPS web hosting facility is now very available for everyone. Experienced webmasters love it for reasons.

Hope these tips can help you understand all about virtual private server hosting system too like it has been helping me for ages. Comment your queries and feedbacks, I’ll answer and add them to the next article. Thank you.

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