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Web Hosting Definition and Types of Hosting

Web Hosting Definition

Web Hosting Definition, it is the most asked question online the people who want to start a website or blog. Web hosting is very important for a website or a webpage. It is the physical location of a website on the internet, an online storage where the information for a website like images, videos, and other content shown a website. Web hosting service providers manage the server where the data stored which shown your website also the technology that connects to the internet.

If you seriously want to create a website you need to find the best web hosting service provider. You can find a lot of best web hosting service providers offer fast network performance, stable servers, and reliable customer support.

To build a website or a blog for beginners, Shared Hosting or WordPress Hosting is the best choice.

There are many web hosting providers online can be used to host your website and the most interesting part they all are accessible all over the world. As a beginner, you can start with the shared hosting service for the low amount of content and traffics as soon as your traffic increases you can upgrade anytime.

Web Hosting Definition

Now, you know the web hosting definition lets discuss the types of web hosting:

Web hosting types that include shared hosting, Dedicated hosting, Cloud hosting, and WordPress hosting. All the types are suitable for beginners and experienced users. Most of the users just order the package, make a payment. To get started or make changes and build the website users just log into the user cPanel or dashboard. After completing the payment packages users can manage their own Dashboard.

Shared Hosting

This type of web hosting runs multiple or many different websites and all of them hosted on the same server. Each user allocated with a certain amount of storage. It is the cheapest of all web hosting types. In other words, a shared hosting means that actually share the same server machine with several other users such as CPU, Memory, disk capacity, bandwidth.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting server that offers you the resources and full access to the entire server. This type of hosting is not shared with any other clients. You get the whole server to develop the website that means you always have enough bandwidth and memory to handle traffics and other security option to your website. This is the power of the dedicated web hosting. The most important part is this is more costly than the shared web hosting.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is a type of hosting service that uses a series of servers that interconnected with one another provider in various places as a single entity. In other words, it’s a machine set up on the server and user can access there with an ID and PASS provided by the hosting company.

WordPress Hosting

This type of web hosting is almost the same as shared and cloud hosting. WordPress Web Hosting is optimized from various aspects to support the performance od server resources to perform well in managing the website or blog for WordPress CMS those are the difference between the other hosting service. Users get the cPanel and the other facilities to manage and best-performing WordPress sites.

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Finally, to develop a website or maintain a blog you have to know the web hosting definition first. After you have knowledge about the server, hosting, domain, packages you can start developing a website or a blog also you can sell service worldwide.

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