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We’ve designed our entire process and products around providing everything starting from the enterprises to small businesses may need when they’re starting out or spreader wider; experience the quick, easy and hassle-free service.

Above all, we aim to offer exceptional customer experiences. When you buy a domain name from ADN Diginet | Cloud, we guarantee it will be handed over to you with superior quality and support levels. Our primary objective is to build a customer-focused environment, packed with the galaxy’s happiest customers. Our symbol of excellence is the ADN Diginet | Cloud guarantee.

Think about the name you want to register your business with. The answer is usually the name of your firm or website. It is best to keep short and easy to understand your domain name. Say it loud and make sure it sounds great. 

Next, check to see if that name is available or not. If you take the name you want with the top-level domain of .com, hundreds of others are available. Eventually, select the top choices and complete the domain registration to your cart.

The domain name is just how quickly web traffic finds you. It is often the first step to get your website going, as it is like setting the street address of your website on the internet. 

If you did not have a domain name, you would need to give your IP address to anyone who would like to access your website, which would become frustrating and easily forgotten.

CloudVPS-Dedicated Core hosting refers to a type of web hosting plan where you are allocated a whole server in the cloud. Therefore, a “CloudVPS-Dedicated Core” refers to the “dedicated” server that you rent (or purchase) in order to host your website (or websites).

Sky is your limit. You can create unlimited (literally) numbers of IMAP or POP3 accounts in your dedicated hosting.

CloudVPS-Dedicated Core hosting can give you more control over your website. It can also help to ensure that other customers’ websites don’t impact your website. Using CloudVPS-Dedicated Core is much more expensive than shared hosting, but if your site receives lots of traffic or you have other requirements (such as extra security requirements), CloudVPS-Dedicated Core hosting could be for you.

With dedicated cloud hosting, you are able to log in to your CloudVPS-Dedicated Core just as you would log in to your own computer. Once logged in, you can install and configure software as you wish.

Other plans are self managed – you are responsible for the server setup, patching, anti-virus, etc.

We offer Linux operating systems in our CloudVPS-Dedicated Core as this is the best os for a server.

By default, you’ll get 1 IP with your sever. But, you can buy additional IPs for your flexibility.

You can send up to 1 Lac Mails per Account per Month from our hosting packages. Moreover, you can send Unlimited PHP Mails.

Along with our economy hosting service, we offer a shared SSL certificate, firewall protection from malware attack, CDN Cloudflare, Calm Antivirus protector & Kaspersky premium security plan which will ensure maximum security.

You can contact us via Live Chat, Telephone/Mobile during office hours (10 am – 6 pm). Or you can email us 24/7. We will be right back to you shortly

Our website is SSL Enabled and COMODO certified which ensures that you are 100% safe to do Money Transactions online.

VPS hosting users are allocated resources just like Dedicated hosting users but the number of resources available on VPS servers may not yet be what a website needs. VPS servers, for example, frequently start at 2 GB of RAM, whereas CloudVPS-Dedicated Core typically starts with at least 4 GB of usable RAM. In short, dedicated Cloud hosting allows the same complete flexibility and control of a VPS server, but with more horsepower.

We offer support via a user friendly ticketing system. We also offer telephone, and remote login support. Remote login support is for an additional fee based on the technical problems escalated to our support team.

We do not offer a trial period or money-back guarantee. All billings period-based. if you are ever unsatisfied with our service you can cancel any time.

We have different offers for different periods. Generally all the packages starts with 6 months of period.

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We provide hosting from Data Centers of USA & Singapore. Our servers are DDoS Protected and Secured.

After payment confirmation, your hosting will be activated automatically. If you still facing any problem, call our hotline +8801777770555 and share your problem.

We provide what we commit. If you think that our service is not satisfactory as per we committed, we will offer another scheme or package within the identical price range. However, you have to submit a complaint within the 7 working days after the purchase. The refund procedure will take 7-10 official working days.

We offer cash/ cheque, Master Card, VISA, Debit Card, bKash, Rocke, Credit Card.

In terms of online payment, after confirmation, our engineering team will hand over the access details within 3 working days. On the contrary, it will take 7 to 10 working days in terms of cash, cheque, or bank payment.


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